January 2021 News

January 2021 – Welcome to Pete Crane

We would like to start by saying thank you to Dan Beech for his service to The Joseph Trust over many years. He has stepped down as manager and Pete Crane has now taken over this role. It was a challenging first few weeks for Pete with Covid-19 affecting some staff and then coping with all that the weather threw at us.

The year began with freezing cold temperatures and flooding in the main office and toilet block. The government announced schools should close due to Coronavirus and we were left wondering whether we would have any students at The Joseph Trust or if staff would have to be on furlough. As it turns out we have students every day of the week and The Danesgate Community has requested our services five days a week. We now have 3 days of primary students and 2 days with secondary students.

The cold weather has resulted in a variety of activities taking place like ice smashing, exploring how quickly water turns to ice and looking at the different patterns created by the ice. The primary students have experienced fire lighting, roasting marshmallows after creating skewers to hold them on and orienteering around the site. The secondary students have learnt how to design small bridges which they have started to construct, and been busy in the polytunnel potting plants and learning how to recognise different types of bulbs

The animals have been well looked after by all the students visiting. Different students have different favourites on the farm and all receive lots of attention. One of the most precious sights is to see a primary student raise their hand to feed Tennessee who is a stallion here on the farm, a moment that will last a lifetime.


If you are interested in supporting the work we do there are a number of ways you can do this.

  1. Prayer support – currently we have students on site between 10am and 2pm so if you could pray in that time for us this will have a huge impact
  2. Financial support – we are a charity and are able to do this work through the generosity of supporters making a difference to the lives of young people
  3. Volunteer support – if you would like to work with young people in a peaceful setting please get in touch and explore ways in which you can help